Male Anglerfish

Male Anglerfish

I bet you’ve known this fish, or at least you’ve ever seen it someway; most probably, you found it in Finding Nemo; because you’re too lazy to search for fun facts about animals, and because most children watch Finding Nemo, and because this fish lives in deep and dark water, so if you’re not an ocean biologist or a part-time fisherman, there’s a very little chance that you’ve ever seen this fish as a living.

Anyway, this strong, fierce, and vicious beast is called Anglerfish. She’s quite attractive. She can lure any unlucky fishes with her bioluminescent light that glows in the dark like a heaven calls; and then crush them. Her jaws and her stomach can devour a prey twice her size.

She’s the true horror of the deep and dark ocean. And yeah, she’s a female.


Long ago, when biologist began to discover, describe, and classify anglerfish to a taxonomic group, they found a confusing fact. The specimens that they were working with were all female, and they had no idea where the males were or what they looked like.

Actually, the male is there all along, attached to the female, but just unrecognized and misclassified. It’s his appeareance that deceive all the scientists.

Unlike the female, the male anglerfish is not worth a damn straw. He doesn’t have that big and scary jaws or the hypnotizing bioluminescent light lure. He’s significantly small and weak, he can barely even find food on his own. A worm does better than him in life.

And he’ll never grow up from that phase.

He’ll stay hungry and suffer and die in darkness slowly but surely, if only God doesn’t give him a super sixth sense. The sense that will make every other fish cry blood and say “kill him quickly before it gets us his revenge.”, The sense that will make every fishes creep. The sense to find the female.

Male anglerfish will follow the species-specific pheromone of the female, and the female isn’t too hard to be found with her bioluminescent light attracting everything in darkness. This is a much stronger connection than the neptune radar shit.

After they meet each other, soon the male will bite the female, and latch himself to her. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I don’t know, but surely, this is the end of his liberty in life. The male’s body will melt and fuse in to the female’s.

all that’s left of him is just a bit of flesh on the female’s body, like a pair of ball, called gonads. The male will then live as Lord Voldemort in Quirrell’s body. I don’t know if the male’s dead or not after this, but he will then buried in the female’s body, abandoning his previous cruel world behind.

All he can do after this is just giving sperm to the female to impregnate herself. And then let his vengeance and hatred of other living things be paid by the female’s rage.

the end.

Pathetic male anglerfish
Pathetic male anglerfish


Now, I’m writing this for myself and for every human male like me… we aren’t male anglerfish right? so, don’t be too attached to pheromones, don’t ever be too attached to females, don’t be too attached to what-so-called love…

don’t be such a weakling.

Fajrin Yusuf
November 22nd, 2014


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