My Casual Night-War

I wrote this first sentence with a fast heartbeat as I just got in to a fight– a war, if I put it in to perspective– with two flying cockroaches in my room. I killed one of them, and one other is still hiding somewhere between the cupboard. I just can’t sleep knowing he’s still alive and creeping slowly, waiting for me to fall asleep when he can finally ambush me with his counter-attack grossness; avenging his dead friend’s– or maybe his lovers– wrecked body in a suicidal terrorist mission.

I wrecked the body using an electric racket, disabling his capability to fly, and then smashed it with a broom stick. I also used my chemical weapon, baygon, to force them out of their shady little hiding place, so I can face them directly on the open battlefield. It was an epic adrenaline rush. And on top of that, it is not over, yet.Continue Reading